Connect computer to date lines but it does not work

 A. Check the date lines, do not use  long date lines.

 B.Check the USB  port. It works or not.

 C. Check the date line and Softdog. make sure they all are plugged into computer.

Engraving depth is not uniform.

  A. Close the machine and after 1 hour then start it and check if there is water in water pipe.  

  B. Check the light path, and adjust it( refer to vedio of adjusting light ).

Turn on the switch, but is does not work.

 A.Check the power lines, it is connecting or not.

 B. Check the scram button, make sure it is closed.

The carving depth of industrial laser engraving machine is too shallow.

 A. Adjust the light path to make sure the light is at the center.

 B. Check the lens, and make sure they are clean.

Engraving blurred image of laser engraving machine.

 A:Put the focusing mirror back or wrong focusing length. You should square the lens. Adjust to the specified focal length.

Voiern laser machine has spark.

 A:Poor electrical contact, or the air is too damp.You should connect the wire, clean the dust, keep air ventilate and dry.