WER-3020(small laser engraving machine)

Small laser engraving machine have advantage of small occupation space, affordable price with powerful functions and high quality components.

Product Specification:
  • Machine size : 800*530*250mm
  • Machine color : Dark grey-white,dark grey-red
  • Working area : 300*200mm
  • Engraving thickness : 2mm(depends on material)
  • Cutting thickness : 2cm(depends on material)
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Product Details

small laser engraving machine prices

  • co2 laser engraver cutter
    Industrial grade laser headIndustrial grade laser head

    Laser head of small laser engraving machine can be extended up to 6cm. Being very convenient for adjusting the focal length and high precision.

    • Extended up to 6cm
      Extended up to 6cm
    • High precision
      High precision
  • miniature laser engraver
    Optical frameOptical frame

    The optical path frame is made of thick aluminum plated plate, anti-oxidation, standardized components. It is very easy to adjust and the stability is stronger.

  • benchtop laser engraver
    Imported linear guideImported linear guide

    Reinforced bearing slide design of small laser engraving machine, stainless steel guide rail is rustproof and oxidation resistance. Lower drag coefficient, higher precision and smooth operation.

  • computer laser engraver
    Tank track guide chainTank track guide chain

    Tank track guide chain of voiern small laser engraving machine protects the air pipe effectively ,this design protects the wiring harness from wear and tear.

  • laser engraver parts
    High-speed stepping motorHigh-speed stepping motor

    Stable high-speed stepping motor of small laser engraving machine. Speed and stability could also be comparable with the mainframe.

  • low cost laser engraver
    Red light positioningRed light positioning

    It can accurately posit the working position of the laser beam, small laser engraving machine working is high precision.

  • mini usb laser engraver
    Jet tube assistJet tube assist

    It can protect the lens from smoke pollution and ensure light transmittance. Removing excess heat and impurities. So carbonization and charring will be avoided.


TYPE WER-3020 WER-4030 WER-4040
Machine size 800*530*250mm 920*730*420mm 920*730*420mm
Machine color Dark grey-white,dark grey-red
Working area 300*200mm 400*300mm 400*400mm
Engraving thickness 2mm(depends on material) 2mm(depends on material) 2mm(depends on material)
Cutting thickness 2cm(depends on material) 2cm(depends on material) 2cm(depends on material)
Engraving speed 1-400mm/s 1-400mm/s 1-400mm/s
Cutting speed 1-400mm/s 1-400mm/s 1-400mm/s
Laser power 40W/50W 40W/50W 40W/50W
Laser type sealed CO2 laser tube sealed CO2 laser tube sealed CO2 laser tube
Cooling mode water cooling protection system water cooling protection system water cooling protection system
Water protection yes yes yes
Positioning way red light positioning red light positioning red light positioning
Locating precision <=0.01mm <=0.01mm <=0.01mm
Working platform Honeycomb Honeycomb Honeycomb
Lift range Manual 0-50mm Electronic lift0-150mm Electronic lift0-150mm
Power supply AC220V/110V 50HZ AC220V/110V 50HZ AC220V/110V 50HZ
Net weight 35kg 50kg 50kg
Package Standard plywood case Standard plywood case Standard plywood case
System environment WindowXP/win7/8/10 WindowXP/win7/8/10 WindowXP/win7/8/10
Control software Coreldraw/RuidaV8 Coreldraw/RuidaV8 Coreldraw/RuidaV8


Material Engraving Cutting



FAQ of small laser engraving machine and affordable laser engraver

  1. Connect computer to small laser engraving machine with date lines but it does not work.

    A. Check the date lines, do not use  long date lines.

    B. Check the USB  port, It works or not.

    C. Check the date line and Softdog, make sure they all are plugged into computer.

  2. Engraving depth of small laser engraving machine is not uniform.

    A. Close the machine and after 1 hour then start it and check if there is water in water pipe.  

    B. Check the light path, and adjust it( refer to vedio of adjusting light ).

  3. Turn on the switch of portable affordable laser engraver , but is does not work.

    A. Check the power lines, it  is connecting or not.

    B. Check the scram button, make sure it is closed.

  4. The engraving thikness is small.

    A. Adjust the light path to make sure the light is at the center.

    B. Check the lens, and make sure they are clean.

  5. Engraving blurred image of small laser engraving machine.

   A. Put the focusing mirror back or wrong focusing length, you should square the lens, adjust to the specified

       focal length.

  6. Affordable laser engraver has spark.

   A. Poor electrical contact, or the air is too damp.You should connect the wire, clean the dust, keep air ventilate

       and dry.

  7. Engraving dislocation or stop engraving.

    A. Electrostatic interference with the motherboard or signal transmission error.You should install and check the

       ground wire, update the  data cable or change the computer.

  8.The laser head of small laser engraving machine not has light

    There are 4 points to be check:

    A. Check electric current.Press“TEST”button on machine screen board. If there is not electric current showed 

       on screen board,you should try to make sure all wires are connected well. If there is electric current showed

       on screen board, maybe the lens is broken, laser tube light exit and lens are contaminated. Or the light path

       off set.

    B. Check water cycle. If there is not water cycle, maybe the water pump damage. If there is water cycle, please

       check whether the inlet and outlet are connected in reverse,or pipe fractures.

    C. If a dot emit light.If there is not a light, please check the wire between the engraving machine control board

       and the power supply is in  good contact.

    D. If above is no problem, maybe machine power damages, you should repair it.

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