UV Laser Marking Machine

As a professional marks equipment, Voiern uv laser marking machine can mark almost all materials, which is very suitable for marking high-end materials.

Product Specification:
  • Machine size : 750*600*1420mm
  • Machine color : white
  • Working area : 110*110/300*300mm
  • Marking thickness : 1mm
  • Marking speed : max 7000mm/s
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Product Details

yag laser marking

  • portable laser marking machine price

     Laser Marking System EZCAD

     The  uv laser marking machine uses China's most powerful marking system software EZCAD to provide customers with more functions and Easier to use.

  • marking lasers

    Modular Production

    The uv laser marking machine is easier to be assembled with fewer components, more stable operation, lower failure rate and longer service life.

  • Laser Source

     The laser source of uv laser marking machine can work for more than 20,000 hours. It can be inflated again and has a longer service life.

  • marking machine price

    High-speed Galvanometer

    Marking speed of uv laser marking machine is faster, reducing marking time and improving work efficiency, speed up to 7000mm/s.

  • co2 laser marking machine price

    Preferred Lens

    Voiern uv laser marking machine use higher concentration, smaller size, thinner beam and more powerful energy.

  • carbide laser marking

    User-Friendly Focus Ruler

    Voiern marks equipment is simple adjustment, higher precision, complicated program becomes simple and easy.


  • diode laser marking

    Pipeline design 

    It can be used on marking production line by the flight mode. Replace the traditional inkjet, save a lot of consumable cost.


  • industrial laser marking machine

    Good compatibility

    Good compatibility with software such as Photoshop , CAD,coreldraw and so on. Supports most such as GPG, PLT bitmap and vector image formats.


  • Cooling system

    Voiern marks equipment using integrated water cooling system,  takes up less space and easier to use.



Product Name UV laser marking machine
Laser Power 3W/5w UV Laser Source
Laser wavelength 355nm
Working Area 110*110/160*160/200*200mm
Beam Quality  M2 <1.1
Output Laser Power 0~100% adjustable
Output Frequency 5KHz~80KHz adjustable
Power Stability (8h)  <±1%rms
Pulse Width  10-50ns
Focus Spot Diameter  <0.01mm
UV Laser Source (Manufacturer) INNGU
Scan Head (Manufacturer) GalvoTech
Controller (Manufacturer) BJJCZ
Marking Speed  7000mm/s
Min. Line Width  ≤0.005mm
Min. Character  0.15mm
Repeated Precision  ±0.003mm
Marking Type  Dynamic Mark / Static Mark
System Operation Environment Windows XP/7/8  64bits
Cooling Mode  Water cooling
Operation Environment  15~35
Lifespan of UV Laser Source Max. 20 000 hours




Engraving Cutting
metal   √      


  FAQ of  uv laser marking machine and marks equipment

    1. How to Get the Rotary to Work , Settings & Tips in using uv laser marking machine

    Since many laser engravers have issues to get the rotary to work normally, here are some tips for your reference

    including driver settings, software settings,operatings advices etc in Manual column. 

    2. What is a uv laser marking machine for? 

     Fiber laser marking machine is mainly used for marking and engraving metal materials, such as stainless steel,

     aluminum, brass, copper, titanium etc. Of course, it can also mark some kinds of plastics.

    3. What is the difference between these types of marks equipment?

    A. Laser source tube different, so price different too at same power.

    B. laser power different ,3W/5W/10W/20/W/30W/50W/100W and so on.

    C. There are cabinet type, desktop type, separated type, portable type etc. 

    D. Different laser tubes use different components.

    4. What watts of uv laser marking machine should I choose?

    It depends on your depth engraving. If your main works do not need depth or just need a little depth, such as

    0.01-0.1mm, then 3w is good enough, quick and easy. If you  want engraving deeper, then you can consider

    5w, for same depth engraving, of course 5w will be quicker than 3w. 

    5. How deep can a 20w/30w fiber laser do on metal using uv laser marking machine?

    The max. is 1mm. 

    6. Can uv laser marking machine cut metal?

    Yes, of course.

    To get more information about uv laser marking machine and marks equipment please contact to us

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