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How to engrave and etch on glass?

Laser engraving glass products refers to the physical deformation of glass which is melted and vaporized by laser micromachining medium based on computer control technology to achieve the purpose of engraving patterns.

Glass is easily broken during the engraving process, so glass engraving must be very careful. For different types of glass, the amount of lead is different, and the engraving method is not the same. As the lead content increases, the hardness and high temperature viscosity of the glass decrease, and the glass is more likely to be broken. Ordinary glass is usually easier to engrave than crystal glass because of its high lead content and reduced hardness and viscosity, which increases the difficulty of laser engraving.

1. Wet the glass surface before engraving the glass. You can cover the glass with a wet newspaper, or you can wet the glass with a cleaning solution, so that the glass engraving effect will be better. However, it should be noted that the water on the glass surface will quickly dry out.

2. Before the glass is engraved, cover the surface of the glass with a protective foil or tape, so that the engraving effect is better.

3. If it is necessary to sandblast the workpiece, the laser engraving machine can also quickly make a suitable engraving template: the protective coating is directly applied to the glass, and then the pattern is drawn by a laser engraving machine.

4. If you are processing hemispherical glass, you must choose a longer focusing wavelength, such as a 2.5-inch focusing wavelength. Because the longer the focusing wavelength, the larger the working area. Then focus the focus point in the center position so that the outer edge of the focus point can get a good engraving effect.


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