Paper product laser cutting process

Nowadays, the design of packaging boxes, greeting cards, paper and other items is dazzling, and the use of laser shovel is indispensable. Paper Laser Packaging Laser Cutting is a new process for the paper products industry. It can be designed with no graphics restrictions.

Paper laser cutting processing is used in various fields:

1. Application in the greeting card industry

Greeting cards are a kind of card for people to express their greetings. People often give each other greeting cards on their birthdays, including birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and so on. The greeting card is not only exquisite, but also has a blessing of the gift card.

2. Application in the paper carving lamp industry

The warm light through the layers of silhouettes, showing the picture in the fairy tale, the ingenious design, carefully polished details, made the back light soft and warm, like the setting sun. This exquisite paper carving is made by hollowing out a paper laser stencil. After the production is completed, it can also be used as a night light, beautiful and practical.

Application in the red envelope and invitation industry

3. Red envelopes and invitations should not be unfamiliar to us. Nowadays, the creative and personalized festive design templates are endless, adding a lot of fashion elements and humanized functions, and also injecting fresh vitality into festive products.

Application in the candy box industry

4. Wedding candy is an indispensable part of the wedding preparation. With the rapid changes in the wedding banquet mode, the candy packaging is also changing. The wedding candy is small, but it is related to the overall style and atmosphere of the wedding. A good candy box will make new people. More face, the wedding is more decent, good candy packaging, its artistic atmosphere, cultural atmosphere, fashion atmosphere, can further highlight the personality and taste of new people. Whether the meaning of candy is "sugar" or "hi", as a spokesperson for sweet joy, choosing a novelty or high-quality candy box will make the wedding party more decent and more fashionable!

No matter what kind of pattern you need to make, you can quickly cut it out. Is it particularly magical, a piece of white paper can change a variety of patterns and text. In addition to a single object, she can also engrave various scenes on white paper, without a word, a blank piece of paper tells every story.

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